The Programme in Detail

Succeeding in International Market : Strategic leadership within emerging econimies

Monday (Session 1)Changing Context :

Taking a look at the old, existing and evolving ...developed N11, emerging countries / economies.

Relating militancy, terrorism, hunger and environmental degredation to poor leadership, governance & business decision making.

The day will divide up into looking at international markets at the level of the immediate locality, its regional context, its national context, regional considerations and finally, the international position. 
Better understianding today's international markets:

  • Recognising the impact of global market places
  • Emerging economies response to growing internationalism in markets
  • Threats presented by volatility in key natural resource markets
  • Relationship building
  • Economic & organisation sense making
Monday (Session 2)Business of the Future

The role played in following systems that allow for proper collaboration as well as competition.

The need for greater co-ordination and regulation to ensure the benefits of future results in sustainable futures.

The implications of growing e-Commerce, zero emission policies, sustainable development and international trade agreements
Better appreciation of the changing nature of international business:

  • Fundamental re-thinking of the future of business
  • Sustainable development vs Exploitation
  • Improving natural resource management and developing new relationships between international companies and host countries
  • Energy and food security, classification and making the business case for investors in emerging economies
  • Growing regulation, legislatio & barriers and how collaboration can assist in finding new ways of working
Monday (Session 3)Strategic Thinking

The day will seek to better understand the importance of strategic thinking in developing appropriate and workable strategies for change

It will address the importance of changing technologies which affect the sector
Clearer thinking and understanding of the importance of strategic thinking:

  • What strategic theories have been pursued by industries within the sector
  • What success has been in the adoption of country-based development strategies
Monday (Session 4)Globalization

This will focus on how new markets; new solutions and radical new thinking has been developing around political and economic models for the future

It will also critique current positions on strategic visions including paradigm change, cost efficiency, and generic competitive strategies for the future
Better understnading on the changing nature of world trade affected by globalization:

  • What role should government play in the organisation and development of future economic growth strategies?
  • Development and other commendable CSR strategies such as waste to wealth, human capital development, agriculture/agro allied
Monday (Session 5)Leadership

Leadership in a time of rapid change

Case studies outlining possible ways forward for emerging corporations
A better understanding of the provision of more coherent and credible leadership in the face of market uncertainty:

  • Recognising the need for both leadership and management in mordern national corporations
  • Leading towards greater strategic understanding ofthe whole situation in modern markets and how it impacts on national territories
Monday (Session 6)National Devlopment & Socio-Economic Transformation

Seeing the who;e picture to enable leaders to command respect and credibility in leading their corporations and staff towards a better future
A clearer understanding of systematic change takes place:

  • Building appropriate industrial corporation for future sustainable competitive advantage for national sovereignty
  • Public - Private sector partnership & Ethical handshakes in collaborative business
Monday (Session 7)Implementation

Understanding implementation - making strategic pland and managing change

Transaction cost building up a clear picture of how modern corporations work and the full cost of operating them

Understanding the better importance of the absorptive capacity of corporation in making chnage 'stick'
A more development understanding of how 'Making it Happen' can be made to work - a tool - kit of skills and techniques:

  • Funding initiatives. Grants sources of finance
  • Profitable project implementation and execution
  • Cost controla and project management
  • Choosing appropriate techniques to think strategically
Monday (Session 8)Coopertion, Collaboration & Cordination

A new theory of institutionalization - the importance of relationship building across mordern corportations

Constructing clear and measurable value propositions' that can be bought into across the whole corporation

Creating internal and external value
A better overall understanding of the skills and techiques needed for significant change management:

  • Making synergistic projects, programmes, activities & initiatives work more effectively
  • How to ensure that buy - in to core strategies is committed to from all stakeholders
  • Discussion on experience of executives in the room
OptionalTo be arranges ahead of the course:

An opportunity to meet the Alumni of Alliance MBS in Dubai who are disposed to offer partnership, strategic alliancing, joint ventures or consortium effort
Business clinic

Possible consultancy projects for Alliance MBS MBA candidates


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Date :  9th - 12th October, 2017
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